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Production increase by Oxy-Fuel boosting




This study was carried out to identify the extent of production increases resulting from an Oxy-Fuel boosting.


Based on furnace and operation data, the current furnace situation was simualted to define the base case. Based on the base case different Oxy-Fuel boosting methods were simulated. For each method severall variation concerning boosting position, volume flow and injection velocity were compared to identify optimal design and operation parameter. Special attention was paid to the effect of the boosting on glass quality. Herefore extensive effort was spend in setting up the boundary conditions and during the simulation of glass melt and the batch melting behaviour.


The comparision of the base case and the variations showed that production increases up to 20% at a constant glass qualitiy are achievable. Specific boosting technologies are necessary to reach large production increase. The design of the boosting application is important to avoid negative side effects like inceased corrosion or emissions. the increased corrosion could be avoided completly by choosing an optimal position of the exhaust.