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Reduce energy consumption and minimize emissions


NOx- Reduction with Air injection




Figure 1: Fluid flow of an regenerative end-port furnace This study was carried out define the installation parameter of the ggENOx system and thus to reduce the NOx-Emissions of a regenerative end-port furnace below the expected up coming limits.


First the current furnace situation was defined by measuring temperatures, flue gas composition. The data collection was achieved by installing a furnace analysing system (ggFAS), which analysed the furnace energy and mass balances in this case every 45s. Based on the data the base case simulation was performed and defined as basis for all variations. The following survey studied in 8 Variations the effect of the ggENOX position, orientation and operating parameter. Special attention was paid to simulate the used nitrate fining correct.


The results of the simulations are the position and orientation of the ggENOx system and the operating parameter. Later in the installation the NOx-was reduced by 23% at an improved heat transfer. The peak refractory temperature was lowered and the combustion was stabilised. Thus the excess oxygen and CO concentrations were lowered.