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NOx Reduction by Oxygen Injection


This study was carried out to decrease the NOx-Emissions of a regenerative end-port furnace under 800 mg NOx / Nm³ related to 8% oxygen, dry by the injection of Oxygen.


The study consits of 2 parts. In the first part a base case simulation of the furnace was made and state of the art technologies were simulated. The analysis of the CFD-simulations proved that none of the state technologies was able to reach the demanded NOx Emission.

Thus in the second part ggc invented and developed an Oxygen injection technology for large NOx-Emission reductions. Optimal design parameters like injection position, volume flow, injection velocity etc were identified. Effects on refractory temperature, heat transfer and glass quality was studied.


The results of the simulations were repeated later during an installation. The NOx-was reduced to 600 mg / Nm³, related to 8%, dry at improved heat transfer. The peak refractory temperature was lowered and the combustion was stabilised.