Aktualisierte Studie für die weltweite Glasindustrie 2021 jetzt verfügbar für Flach-, Hohlglas und Tableware

Wir haben unsere internationale Studie über die Glasindustrie (Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware) für 2021 aktualisiert.

Dieses Programm ermöglicht einen globalen Überblick über Glashersteller und technische Details. Übersichtliche und benutzerdefinierte Tabellen fassen die Informationen effizient zusammen wie z.B. Glastypen: Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware, Produktionskapazitäten in Kontinenten und Ländern, Ofenanzahl, Ofentypen, Baujahre, Glassorten und Unterkategorien, Produkte, Projekte, spezielle News und Downloads.

Weitere Datenbanken mit demoskopischen Daten und Import- und Exportdaten komplettieren die Marktinformationen. Basierend auf allen Datenbanken können Sie eigenständig Länderprofile mit Angaben zur gesamten lokalen Produktionskapazität, zur lokalen Marktgröße und die zu erwartende Marktgröße in der Zukunft erstellen.

Gerne erwarten wir daher Ihre Anfrage auf plants.glassglobal.com.

Updated Hollow glass study 2021


Updated Float glass study 2021


Further glass studies and reports 2021



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Produkte oder Maschinen

POWERTWIST DRIVE High Performance Link Belting

  • Classical and wedge profiles provide time and cost saving benefits over rubber belts.
  • Longer belt life in even the harshest environments
  • Faster, easier installation without teardowns or adjusting motor bases
  • Fit and Forget – no need to re-tension
  • Better drive efficiency due to minimal belt elongation
  • Reduced noise, longer bearing life due to low belt vibration

POWERTWIST MOVE Conveyor Link Belting

  • Your weldless conveyor belt solution – install in minutes without dismantling conveyor components.
  • Simple inventory management – no more belt waste due to bad welds or odd lengths
  • Easy, fast installation with no welding required – no curing time, just twist and go!
  • Unaffected by extremes of temperature, water, oils, grease and common solvents
  • Available in round and V profiles

Eagle Polyurethane Belting

  • Comprehensive range of high quality non-reinforced and reinforced belting in round and V profiles.
  • Full range of FDA and EC products
  • Custom design capabilities – special profiles, dual durometer, static dissipative, UV stabilized, tracking features, ridged profiles, and more!
  • Factory welded endless belts – welding is available for standard and custom Eagle belts

B-LOC Keyless Locking Devices

  • Multi-Screw locking device with tapered rings that create an interference fit to securely lock component onto shaft.
  • Easy installation with infinite radial and axial adjustment
  • No axial movement during installation
  • A true zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection
  • Same day shipping available on stock bore sizes: 1/4"– 8", 6 – 600mm

Trantorque Keyless Bushings

  • Single nut locking device for fast and precise axial and radial positioning of components.
  • “Easy on, easy off” – unique design ensures unit will not freeze onto shaft
  • No special component machining required - easily mounts a straight bore component while allowing for liberal tolerance
  • A true zero backlash shaft-to-hub connection
  • Same day shipping available on stock bore sizes: 1/8"– 3", 3 – 75mm

PowerMax Composite Pulleys & Idlers

  • Dependability when it counts most, backed by state-of-the-art precision molding and stringent product testing.
  • Made from high-strength glass-reinforced nylon – ideal for high temperature and abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight, corrosion resistant alternative to steel, aluminum and cast iron
  • Standard product offering of idlers, pulleys and sprockets available in a wide range of sizes for flat, round, V belt and chains.

T-Max Belt & Chain Tensioners

  • Automatically take up the slack and avoid the risk of over-tensioning drive components to enhance overall drive operating efficiency.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials for proven durability
  • Wide range of tensioners to handle single and multiple strand belt and chain drives
  • Available in linear and rotary (light-duty, medium and heavy-duty) series

A range of sizes and mounting styles available to best fit your application

Geschichte & Produkte

All over the world, the engineering community turns to Fenner Drives for value-adding, problem-solving products for power transmission, motion transfer, conveying applications, and 3D printing. Our quality-driven teams design, manufacture, and distribute a broad range of sophisticated, reliable components. Fenner Drives has over 100 years of manufacturing, technical, and commercial expertise, ISO 9001-certified production facilities in Manheim and Lancaster, PA and Wilmington, NC, warehouse facilities in Lancaster, PA, Wilmington, NC, and Dewsbury, UK, and a global sales team with a presence on six continents.