Company Updates

Quang Nam, Vietnam

UC Thinh Viet Nam

UC Thinh Viet Nam glass products use all natural materials, good gloss, smooth surface and tempering rate of 98%. The Patterned glass and coated Patterned glass varieties operated by our factory include FLORA, MISTLITE, DIAMOND, SEASONS, Millennium,...


Brussels, Belgien

Kronos Group

KRONOS GROUP is a leading consulting firm created in 2011 in Brussels. Experiencing a continuous expansion ever since, we can now rely on +100 skilled consultants. A high expertise has been developed in procurement, finance and project management by...


Jeddah, Saudi-Arabien

Desert Technologies

PV Panels Solar energy project...


Braziville, Kongo

Hongxing Glass Congo SARL, West International Holding

Transparent Flat Glass Product Features: Smooth surface without ripples, good transparency; the products size can be customized flexibly to reduce slice loss. Application Areas: It can be widely used in various processing such as tempering,...


Beirut, Libanon

Middle East Business Group for Import & Export, (MEBG) Lebanon

BAVELLONI Flat Glass Grinding Equipment - Italy COLCOM GROUP Glass Hardware - Italy DIAMOND DRILLS Drill Bits - Italy EVGUARD Lamination Films - Germany FEV Floor Machines - Italy FINE AUTOMATIC DOORS Automatic Sliding Doors -...


Suizhong, Huludao City, Liaoning, China

Suizhong MingHui Industrial Co., Ltd.

Drum washing the observation window glass, high-grade glassware, appliances Caijing glass, digital inkjet printing glassfour series of nearly a thousand varieties exported around the world, Haier, Samsung, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, Aucma...


Klášterec nad Ohří, Tschechische Republik

Pittsburgh Corning CR, s.r.o.

Owens Corning FOAMGLAS(R) In 2017, Owens Corning acquired Pittsburgh Corning whom manufacture a wide range of FOAMGLAS(R) cellular glass insulation products. With applications in both the construction and industrial sectors, FOAMGLAS(R)...


4730-180 VILA VERDE | BRAGA, Portugal


Double & Triple Glass Thermal acoustic glass composed of two or more sheets of glass separated by an aluminum profile or a thermal profile, whose tightness is guaranteed by a double seal, being resistant and impermeable to the action of...


Smolensk, Russische Föderation


58% of the glass tubes (which are considered to be semi-finished goods in production cycle) currently manufactured with the renovated furnace, are exported to Italy. 36% of goods are distributed in Russia. After the furnace refurbishing process was...


Cártama / Malaga, Spanien


Our company is based in Spain and manufactures, distributes and designs frameless glazing system enclosures in 50 countries. The great success in the Spanish market and our previous experience in the sector allowed us to design two very...