Company Updates

Sadov, Tschechische Republik

BVD PECE spol. s r.o.

Kilns for glass industry Fusing, slumping, sagging, bending Heat Soak Test Casting Decoration firing Low-temperature coatings Polishing of glass beads Annealing Malleablizing of...


Deyang, Sichuan, China

Xinyi Glass Deyang

The factory mainly manufactures high-quality float glass, automobile glass and energy-saving architectural...


Beihai, Guangxi, China

Xinyi Glass Beihai

The company mainly produces high-quality float glass, photovoltaic glass, automotive glass, electronic glass,...


Central Java, Indonesien

KCC Glass

The glass production plant, which is scheduled to be established, will be completed by 2024, with a total of 490,000 square meters (148,000 pyeong), and when completed, it will produce about 438,000 tons of glass for building...


Isfahan, Najafabad, Iran, Islamische Republik

Nafis Silicate Sepahan Company

Liquid Product Sodium Silicate Soluble sodium silicate is solutions of water and soluble glasses that are made up of variable proportions of Nna2 Sio3 and Sio2. Solid Sodium Silicate Adhesive Sodium silicate is a combination of sodium oxide...


Zarafshon, Usbekistan


Customers for the locally manufactured glass products will mainly be the local construction industry and the local automotive industry in Uzbekistan, which previously had to meet their demand for flat glass with...


Xuzhou, China

Glass bottle factory, Xuzhou YLT Glass Company

We are expert glass bottle China manufacturers located in Xuzhou Glass Industrial Zone, China. Making glass bottles for liquor spirits, oils, drinking, food storage and other. Glass bottle manufacturing with flint materials. Diverse surface...


naples, Italien

Sovem Glass s.r.l.


Mapo Town, XuZhou, China

XuZhou MC Glass Products Company

Main products are empty glass bottles and glass jars for liquor, oil, milk, juice packaging. Provide glass bottle lids, caps, corks and closures as accessories. Service of custom glass bottle designs. Design glass bottle shape with custom...


Doha, Katar


Our workshop facility provides a wide range of glass processing services, from custom cutting, edge polishing & beveling, drilling & notching, sandblasting, double glazing, tempering, laminating, etc. Apart from that our proficient workforce has...