Company Updates

JD Roermond, Niederlande

ROCKWOOL B.V. / Rockpanel

We are the leading supplier of fire resilient stone wool insulation providing solutions for all major application areas, including technical and OEM. ...


Moss, Norwegen


The ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation products are based on stone wool, which cannot burn and which can stand temperatures up to 1000 degrees C without melting. Thus ROCKWOOL stone wool provides the best guarantee for an effective fire protection on...


Nashville, TN, USA

Carlex Glass Company, Central Glass Group

Serving as the heartbeat of Carlex operations, the Nashville site is the only glass manufacturing plant in North America that receives raw material in one end of the factory and delivers a finished product out of the other. Nashville's large...


Chelyabinsk, Russische Föderation

Modern Glass

tempered glass triplex enameled glass fire-resistant glass double-glazed...


Aricestii-Rahtivani, Prahova County, Rumänien

ROCKWOOL Romania, Factory Ploiesti

The Rockwool Group is the world´s leading supplier of innovative products and systems based on stone wool, improving the environment and the quality of life for millions of people. The Group is amongst the global leaders within the insulation...


Vourles, Frankreich (Extended Package)


Hersteller von Flaschen- und Verpackungsglasmaschinen Geräte zum Messen der Glasdicke und Spannung Oberflächen- und Konturenkontrolle Visitier-, Protokollier- und Diagnosesysteme Sonstige...


Ryazan, Russische Föderation

Guardian Steklo Ryazan LLC

The Ryazan plant produces 750 metric tons of float glass per day. Float glass is the highest quality glass being manufactured today in large quantities. The Guardian plant targets its production toward residential and commercial construction. The...


Ardakan, Iran, Islamische Republik

Ardakan Float Glass Co., Factory

We have the most advanced equipment introduced from famous international manufacturers. State of the art float plant is poised to produce high quality clear, heat absorbing tinted and on-line reflective glass products in thicknesses ranging from 1.9...


California, USA

Pulp Studio Inc.

Pulp Studio, the leading designers and manufacturers of technically superior decorative glass for commercial markets has added to its rich catalog of architectural glass with the introduction of DermaGlass(TM), a highly durable, light-weight glass...


Wilhelmsthal, Deutschland (Extended Package)

Waltec Maschinen GmbH

Vollautomatische Produktionslinien mit SPS/CNC Elektroniksteuerungen Elektronische Feeder und elektrische Scheren Elektronische Feeder mit bis zu 4 unterschiedlichen Tropfengewichten zum Speisen von IS-Maschinen Kugelspeiser ROBOT...