Aktualisierte Studie für die weltweite Glasindustrie 2020 jetzt verfügbar für Flach-, Hohlglas und Tableware

Wir haben unsere internationale Studie über die Glasindustrie (Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware) für 2020 aktualisiert.

Dieses Programm ermöglicht einen globalen Überblick über Glashersteller und technische Details. Übersichtliche und benutzerdefinierte Tabellen fassen die Informationen effizient zusammen wie z.B. Glastypen: Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware, Produktionskapazitäten in Kontinenten und Ländern, Ofenanzahl, Ofentypen, Baujahre, Glassorten und Unterkategorien, Produkte, Projekte, spezielle News und Downloads.

Weitere Datenbanken mit demoskopischen Daten und Import- und Exportdaten komplettieren die Marktinformationen. Basierend auf allen Datenbanken können Sie eigenständig Länderprofile mit Angaben zur gesamten lokalen Produktionskapazität, zur lokalen Marktgröße und die zu erwartende Marktgröße in der Zukunft erstellen.

Gerne erwarten wir daher Ihre Anfrage auf plants.glassglobal.com.

Updated Hollow glass study 2020


Updated Float glass study 2020



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Produkte oder Maschinen

ZYAROCK® Tweels and Flat Arches
  • Reduced engineering costs
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Easy installation even during hot repair
  • No preheating required
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Exceptional thermal shock resistance
ZYAROCK® Shadow Walls
Vesuvius Zyarock® Shadow walls are manufactured under strict controls to provide optimum ceramic physical properties for stability at ambient and through the highest heat-treating temperatures.
  • Reduces CO2 emission
  • Energy saving
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Improved sealing
  • High erosion resistance
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance time
ZYAROCK® Lehr and Lift-out Rollers
Vesuvius Zyarock® Lehr and Lift-out Rollers are Fused Silica products dedicated to the Float Glass application. The quality of the Fused Silica rollers takes full advantage of the very low reactivity with tin oxide at low temperature typically found in the dross box.They support the glass with minimum thermal and chemical interaction.

VESUVIUS ZYALITE™ Rolls are constructed from highly compressed ceramic fibers which provides a very durable conveying surface virtually resistant to transfer of material to the roll surface or back the surface of the glass. This technology is used for the production of active matrix glass for LCD applications but also in rolled and float glass annealing lehr, and for the vertical draw process.
  • Resistant to build up (tin or sulfate derived compounds)
  • Flatter and more uniformly annealed ribbon
  • Eliminate lehr created optical distortion problems
  • Excellent load bearing: 0.5 mm to 19 mm thick
  • Dimensional stability and low thermal conductivity
  • Very durable
SMARTLY DRIVEN® Tempering Rollers
Vesuvius Zyarock® Fused Silica Tempering Rollers are manufactured under strict controls to provide optimum ceramic physical properties for stability at ambient and through the highest heat-treating temperatures.

Vesuvius provides the finest surface finish, the tightest dimensional tolerances, and the best hot TIR in the market.

Our ZYAROCK® SMARTLY DRIVEN® Roller provides a "Green" solution by using an environmentally friendly end cap design.


ZYAFOAM® insulating products
VESUVIUS ZYAFOAM® is a Fused Silica insulating foam that has been engineered as a dust-free and fiber-free insulating product for the lining of heated chambers.
  • Non dusting
  • Fiber-free
  • Highly insulating, low density
  • Custom made parts
  • Fully machineable for easy use and rapid adjustment
  • Hazard free insulation


ZYAROCK® Melting Pots
VESUVIUS offers specially formulated Fused Silica ZYAROCK® Melting Pots for the melting of different glass types such as borosilicate, optical glass, colored glass, opal glass, crystal glass, electronic glass and other formulations.
  • Ready to use product
  • No preheating or conditioning
  • Amorphous SiO² material structure provides excellent glass melt condition
  • Consistent material behavior throughout the industrial manufacturing process
  • Customized shapes
  • High purity composition
  • Proven comparable results vs. Fused Quartz


Geschichte & Produkte


"Our global network of plants brings us within reach of our customers, serving them in real time, with the capacity and flexibility they need to respond to their markets’ demands. We collaborate as we strive to develop your performance"

Vesuvius is a community of experts developing ceramic solutions for the glass industry and various other markets (i.e. Iron & Steel and foundry). Vesuvius Fused Silica division is a worldwide leader serving different segments of the glass industry and offering customized products to fit its customers applications, among which:

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  • Flat Glass processing: we manufacture products for the automotive, architectural and solar glass industries
  • Electronic Glass processing
  • Flat Glass tempering
  • Optical, Artistic and Technical Glass