Aktualisierte Studie für die weltweite Glasindustrie 2023 jetzt verfügbar für Flach-, Hohlglas und Tableware

Wir haben unsere internationale Studie über die Glasindustrie (Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware) für 2023 aktualisiert.

Dieses Programm ermöglicht einen globalen Überblick über Glashersteller und technische Details. Übersichtliche und benutzerdefinierte Tabellen fassen die Informationen effizient zusammen wie z.B. Glastypen: Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware, Produktionskapazitäten in Kontinenten und Ländern, Ofenanzahl, Ofentypen, Baujahre, Glassorten und Unterkategorien, Produkte, Projekte, spezielle News und Downloads.

Weitere Datenbanken mit demoskopischen Daten und Import- und Exportdaten komplettieren die Marktinformationen. Basierend auf allen Datenbanken können Sie eigenständig Länderprofile mit Angaben zur gesamten lokalen Produktionskapazität, zur lokalen Marktgröße und die zu erwartende Marktgröße in der Zukunft erstellen.

Gerne erwarten wir daher Ihre Anfrage auf plants.glassglobal.com.

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Kontakt Info

Anschrift Linco Baxo S.p.a.
Via Carlo Boncompagni 51/8 -
20139 Milano
Land Italien
Telefon 0039 02 5520041
Telefax 0039 02 5694834
Email Ihre Nachricht an Linco Baxo S.p.a.
Internet www.lincobaxo.com


Kontakt 1. Marketing
Phone: 0039 02 5520041
Fax: 0039 02 55230627
Kontakt 2. Pietro Turrin
Export Manager
Phone: 0039 02 5520041
Fax: 0039 02 55230627
Kontakt 3. Maurizio Nicolardi
Phone: 0039 02 5520041
Fax: 0039 02 55230627
Kontakt 4. Cristina Gambino
Customer SuperIntendent
Phone: 0039 02 5520041
Fax: 0039 02 55230627
Kontakt 5. Osvaldo Baldelli

Produkte oder Maschinen


The complete manufacturing facilities in the four Italian plants, enable LINCO BAXO to supply a wide and comprehensive range of products addressed to the Glass industry, such as:

  • Complete set of special blocks for Forehearths and Working-Ends
  • Full range of Expandables for Feeders (Stirrers, Tubes, Plungers, Orifice-rings, Spouts and Spout’s Accessories
  • Blocks for Furnace Bottom and Bottom Insulation
  • Blocks for Furnace Sidewalls Insulation
  • Bricks and Blocks for Regenerators Walls and Crown
  • Bricks and Blocks for Exhaust Gas Conducts
  • Full range of unshaped Castables, and Mortars
  • Patches for Hot-repairs

Linco Baxo group of companies production activity is located in 6 modern integrated plants. Continuous investment in high-technology machinery enables our plants to produce a large volume of high quality products at an affordable price.

Production is oriented to refractory and insulating monolithics, LINCO, BAXO and KERO range, and to bricks, shapes and special blocks, MAREF, KERA, ISOM, CARBO, LICOBLOCK, CAR and MILBLOCK range.

Production lines are organized as follows:

  •  crushing, grinding, drying for any kind of raw materials;
  •  classifying, screening, pneumatic and mechanical transport to storage and production silos;
  •  extraction, batching;
  •  continuous electronically managed weighing and mixing;
  •  modern high-power hydraulic pressing facilities;
  •  modern high-power Vibro impact pressing facilities;
  •  tunnel and shuttle-type furnaces for firing;
  •  automatic packing and palletising.

Geschichte & Produkte

Our aim is to deliver a state-of-art range of refractories coupled with the best possible service; this means a continuous, demanding programme of improvements to meet rising expectations.
We rely also on customer feedback to stay one step ahead of the pack.


  • Supply of Refractory Bricks and Blocks
  • Supply of Special Blocks for Forehearths and Working-Ends
  • Supply of Expandables for Feeders (Stirrers, Tubes, Plungers, Orifice-rings, Spouts and spout’s Accessories
  • Supply of Bricks and Special Blocks for Furnace and Regenerator
  • Supply of full range of unshaped Castables and Mortars
  • Supply of Patches for Hot-repairs


1949 The first company of the group, CCIA Milano n°. 380983, was established and began trading.

1974 The First Levate plant was built (present work INFO 1 at LINCO BAXO industrie refrattari S.p.A.).

1983 The Second Levate plant was acquired (present work INFO 2 at LINCO BAXO industrie refrattari S.p.A.).

1993 The LINCO BAXO quality system was awarded accreditation to ISO 9001 and was the first refractory company in Italy to be granted such approval under it.

2003 MAREF SPA - Bondeno (FE), a leading Italian manufacturer of itemised insulating/refractories, was acquired by the Linco Baxo Group of Companies.

2006 TECREF srl - Bondeno (FE), a leading Italian manufacturer of specialised refractory blocks for the glass and ceramic industry, was acquired by the Linco Baxo Group of Companies. This acquisition allowed the group to build up a comprehensive products portfolio.

2020 LINCO BAXO supplies from her Italian refractories plants to the glass industry all over the world, either directly or else through the main global engineering companies.

With a turnover of over 50 million Euros, total output exceeding 150,000 tons per year, and employing 200 people, the Linco Baxo Group of Companies are able to fulfil all the needs to with a flexible and reliable service to all end-users.


A sophisticated computerized system, which monitors the production process, together with high-quality materials, secured through its own Research and Development department and International Qualifications, allow the LINCO BAXO Group of Companies to meet the highest standards for both its domestic and foreign customers.

In its four plants, the equipment of the LINCO BAXO Group of Companies consists of:

  • Three modern units to manufacture unshaped refractories and mortars.
  • Many modern pressing machines for refractory bricks; two extrusion units for insulating bricks and three tunnel kilns for firing standard shapes.
  • Three modern units with dryers and six high-temperature kilns for the manufacture of itemized shapes with a weight up to 15 tons.
  • Two modern pre-assembling areas and a number of finishing machines for the fine matching of customers’ tolerances.