Aktualisierte Studie für die weltweite Glasindustrie 2024 jetzt verfügbar für Flach-, Hohlglas und Tableware

Wir haben unsere internationale Studie über die Glasindustrie (Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware) für 2024 aktualisiert.

Dieses Programm ermöglicht einen globalen Überblick über Glashersteller und technische Details. Übersichtliche und benutzerdefinierte Tabellen fassen die Informationen effizient zusammen wie z.B. Glastypen: Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware, Produktionskapazitäten in Kontinenten und Ländern, Ofenanzahl, Ofentypen, Baujahre, Glassorten und Unterkategorien, Produkte, Projekte, spezielle News und Downloads.

Weitere Datenbanken mit demoskopischen Daten und Import- und Exportdaten komplettieren die Marktinformationen. Basierend auf allen Datenbanken können Sie eigenständig Länderprofile mit Angaben zur gesamten lokalen Produktionskapazität, zur lokalen Marktgröße und die zu erwartende Marktgröße in der Zukunft erstellen.

Gerne erwarten wir daher Ihre Anfrage auf plants.glassglobal.com.

Updated container glass study 2024


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Kontakt Info

Orta Mah. Yalnız Selvi Cad. No.5
Uptwins Deluxe Residence Kat:16 Daire:160
Land Türkiye
Telefon 0090 850 800 75 85
Telefax 0090 216 473 12 85
Internet www.glasstechrefractory.com


Kontakt 1. Ipek Zaza Cetin
Phone: 0090 532 486 4344
Kontakt 2. Erkan Kayat
General Coordinator
Phone: 0090 533 549 7629
Kontakt 3. Furkan Sari
Project Specialist
Phone: 0900 553 091 4650
Kontakt 4. Altan Zaza
Project Manager
Phone: 0090 532 483 0093

Produkte oder Maschinen

Furnace Dismantling, Furnace Erection, Furnace Steel Construction, Furnace Refractory Construction, Hot Sealing, Glass to Glass, Cold Repair, Hot Repair, Steel Supplier, Furnace Turn-key Contractor

Furnace Construction - Steel and Refractory

With more than 24 years of experience in furnace construction, we know that both time and HSE are utmost important for glass manufacturers in furnace construction. Glasstech has been granted ISO certificates since 2017, has a 100% on-time construction delivery in its history, provide daily HSE and progress reports to customers in all of their contracts. We have abundant experience on float, container, tableware, soda and fibre glass furnaces and we provide both steel and refractory erection.

Furnace Steel Supply

For the last 12 years, we have been providing glass furnace steel for more than 10 projects, either directly or as sub-contractors for project companies. Glasstech has more than five steel manufacturing plant partners in Turkey. With our rich expertise in reading project plans and documents, we can easily distribute manufacturing process through plants according to their expertise and workload, thus offer both economic and speedy solutions.

Furnace Dismantling - Steel and Refractory including classification

Furnace dismantling is a HSE sensitive work, regarding regulations about waste management, classification of materials which can be hazardous and non-hazardous and critical PPE. We are accustomed with European regulations regarding waste management. We have a lot experience with certified waste management companies and classificiation of refractory materials also. Thus we can provide effective dismantling and demolition services.

Furnace Heat-up

Heat-up is a continuous process which is very important regarding the service lifetime of furnace. We offer heat-up services together with insulation and sealing process, thus make our customer's life easier by taking responsibility at the start of operations.

Furnace Cold Repair (Glass-to-Glass)

Combining dismantling, erection and heat-up process, we are very used to strict timeline procedures in Glass-to-Glass projects. We are aware of the manufacturing loss of even one day and we can provide time effective solutions with our experienced personnel. We know that planning and coordination combined with optimum manpower are needed to provide timely and quality solutions in glass-to-glass projects.

Furnace Hot Repair

Hot repair without stopping production is another area in our expertise. Regarding checkers are blocked with sulphate particles over time in all furnaces, production quality and efficiency are both affected. Our hot repair team can clean regenerator chambers, remove checkers, even use skewers to open checker holes. Hot repairs will enhance the life a furnace, improve glass quality also decrease energy consumption thus recommended periodically.

Furnace Turn-key Contractor

For up to 50 ton/day entry level furnaces, with our rich expertise in the field we can provide project support. According to your budget and manufacturing goals, our team will supply all refractory and steel materials, construct your furnace from A to Z, so you do not need to deal with detailed processes of planning, procurement, heat-up, etc. and focus on your other prorities.

Geschichte & Produkte

Glasstech Refractory established in 1998 in Turkey, Istanbul. We are glass furnace contractors with 24 years, 71 glass furnaces and 11 countries of expertise. We are familiar with float, container, fibre, soda and tableware glass furnaces between 50-800 tons capacity.
Our services are as follows:

  • Cold repair
  • Hot repair
  • Glass to glass
  • Turnkey furnace erection including steel & refractory procurement and heatup
  • Furnace steel procurement

Our philosophy is focused on Safety and Quality. We had already implemented all safety related issues critical for our job according to EU safety regulations, considering both construction and hot works are high-risk services in our business. We always improve our job quality relating worker efficiency, planning, coordination with each contract, thus today we can deliver our customers not only daily progress reports but also 100% on time contract execution. We can also provide ISO and OHSAS certificates relating our business.
For the last ten years Glasstech Refractory also started to focus on furnace steel supplying services. As a result of our long experience in glass furnace construction, we know how important technology steel is for a furnace in terms of quality and precision. We provided steel for glass furnaces for more than 10 furnaces in 4 continents until 2020. 

For inquiries about our services simply mail to info@glasstechrefractory.com . We will return you in 24 hours.
For urgent issues, please call Mr. Erkan Kayat (General Coordinator) +90 533 549 7629 or Mrs. Ipek Cetin (Managing Director) +90 532 486 4344