Aktualisierte Studie für die weltweite Glasindustrie 2019 jetzt verfügbar für Flach-, Hohlglas und Tableware

Wir haben unsere internationale Studie über die Glasindustrie (Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware) für 2019 aktualisiert.

Dieses Programm ermöglicht einen globalen Überblick über Glashersteller und technische Details. Übersichtliche und benutzerdefinierte Tabellen fassen die Informationen effizient zusammen wie z.B. Glastypen: Flachglas, Hohlglas, Tableware, Produktionskapazitäten in Kontinenten und Ländern, Ofenanzahl, Ofentypen, Baujahre, Glassorten und Unterkategorien, Produkte, Projekte, spezielle News und Downloads.

Weitere Datenbanken mit demoskopischen Daten und Import- und Exportdaten komplettieren die Marktinformationen. Basierend auf allen Datenbanken können Sie eigenständig Länderprofile mit Angaben zur gesamten lokalen Produktionskapazität, zur lokalen Marktgröße und die zu erwartende Marktgröße in der Zukunft erstellen.

Gerne erwarten wir daher Ihre Anfrage auf plants.glassglobal.com.

Updated Hollow glass study 2019


Updated Float glass study 2019



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The new standard in vacuum pump technology

Clean. Silent. Energy-efficient. Our GHS VSD+ cuts your energy costs by an average 50% and increases production speed by up to 10%.

Atlas Copco broke the mould with the clean, silent, energy-efficient GHS VSD+ vacuum pump.

You can now have a single source provider for all your compressed air or vacuum requirements. The same quality, reliability, low lifecycle costs, user-friendly interface and ease of serviceability as you’ve come to expect from your Atlas Copco compressor is now available for your vacuum pump.

Vacuum is critical in a wide variety of applications – and the need for vacuum continues to grow. We have been developing state-of-the-art vacuum solutions for over 20 year and have a market-leading status in the ongoing innovation of gas compression techniques such as screw, claw and scroll. Our vacuum specialists are constantly improving the performance of our products, targeting new application areas and meeting new challenges.

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When it comes to the provision of vacuum to your critical processes, you can’t afford to compromise. Whether your business is printing, plastics, packaging, woodworking, bottling, canning or similar challenging industries, it is essential to eliminate risk. We’re known for our extensive range of highly reliable vacuum solutions, designed especially for applications that require consistent and efficient vacuum creation.

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Besides our world leading compressed air technologies, we have been designing best in class solutions for industrial vacuum needs and offer efficient and reliable vacuum solutions to the industry including a lot of vacuum solutions and reliable vacuum products in partnership with our specialized brands such as Stokes Vacuum and custom engineered products for the oil and gas or power industry, former branded as Hick Hargreaves.

We are your reliable partner. Our broad product portfolio and application expertise mean the right solutions for your application. Each configured to your specific needs … bringing you predictable performance you can rely on.

Geschichte & Produkte

Whatever the glass application, Atlas Copco provides a vacuum solution. As a leading vacuum pump innovator in the industrial vacuum market, we have a continued focus on performance and energy efficiency. By offering holistic vacuum solutions and systems, we work with you to maximise your vacuum investment and help you meet environmental compliance and safety regulations.

Innovation and sustainability are the driving force of Atlas Copco’s vacuum solutions. This guiding principle has driven Atlas Copco’s vacuum engineers and designers to develop new technologies and revolutionize productivity for industrial markets across the globe. Our customers spread across 90 countries are a testament to our ongoing innovation and reliable vacuum performance.

Atlas Copco’s next generation of intelligent, oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps are the ideal solution for the glass and bottling industries offering high speed pumping performance, lower ownership costs, higher productivity, higher energy savings, cleaner and quieter technology and easy global maintenance.

Why choose Atlas Copco vacuum pumps for glass production and applications

Energy savings

Gain an average energy savings of 50% with the innovative Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and set point control. This allows you to maintain the required process vacuum level and optimize process efficiency and performance.

Small footprint

Compared to competing vacuum pump installations, the Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ series has one of the smallest footprints in the market. Delivered in a single neat canopy, you get unrivalled pumping performance.

Plug and Play

No more hassle when it comes to setting up a vacuum pump or system. The GHS VSD+ series are fully assembled plug and play pumps, designed for fast and easy installation thus saving time and money.

Designed for easy, low-cost maintenance

The GHS VSD+ series of pumps are designed for infrequent and quick maintenance. With no vanes, no vane chatter and no vane wear, you can expect longer intervals between service.

We service wherever you are

As a market leader and innovator in all areas of compression technology, we develop state-of-the-art vacuum pumps, systems and accessories. But these are only part of the services we offer. To keep the vacuum pump highly reliable and efficient throughout its lifetime, comprehensive service support is available in your location, tailored to your specific needs and delivered by our factory-trained experts.