HEGLA boraident GmbH & Co. KG
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boraident ® laserbird
New Glass Products by Laser Technology / Report about world’s first multi-functional laser manufacturing system at glasstec 2016
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Boraident short presentation
We develop and distribute innovative products in the fields on laser marking, identification, glass sensors, and software-based integration into an automated production
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boraident GmbH is focusing on these 4 business activities
- glass markings: Laser-Transfer-Marking / Identification (production equipment)
- glass microstructures: Laser structuring / (Production equipment)
- sensor systems: Glass sensors
- boraglas: Production of innovative glass
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boraident® laserbird – laser with APPs
Get more out of your semi-finished products!
WORLD DEBUT: With the world’s first multi-functional manufacturing system boraident® laserbird, you can create customized architectural glass goods from standard semi-products commonly available on the market.
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boraident® laserbird – Laseranlage mit APPs
Machen Sie mehr aus Ihren Halbzeugen!
Mit der multifunktionale Fertigungsanlage boraident® laserbird werden neue, kundenindividuelle Architektur-glasprodukte aus am Markt verfügbaren Standard-Halbzeugen gefertigt.
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ES-Guard laser marking system
The ES-Guard laser marking systems allow a non-destructive and individual marking of architectural glass (toughened glass). The glass marking is done with our reliable and patented laser transfer technology UniColor®.
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Laser Marking System for Tempered Glass
Information about new system required for European ENEV
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Evidence of Heat Soak treatment
Product information about a permanent, invisible fluorescence marking
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boraident® laserbird
Manufacture customized single products adapted to your market requirements!
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