F.I.C. (UK) Limited
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Design and Build
Experts for every aspect of furnace technology
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Electric Furnaces
FIC has, almost certainly, a far more extensive corporate knowledge of electric furnaces than any other company in this field
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The F.I.C. Distributed Boost
Controllable heat when and where you need it
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High Q Holders
Stay cool with the World`s most advanced electrode holder
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Electrode Holders
Peace of mind with the FIC Maxi `Q` No-Weld Electrode Holder
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HVP Forehearth
The FIC High Vapour Pressure HVP Forehearth
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ISO Thermal Unit
Glass conditioning is the heart of glass making
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Bubbler Systems
Our bubbler systems can reduce fuel consumption, increase productivity and quality
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Electrode maintenance unit
FIC takes the lead in furnace technology with its unique EMU.
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Don`t let Sludge glass be a drain on your resources
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Mathematical modelling
FIC´s Mathematical Modelling Capabilities and Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Engineering Services
Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains
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