Überschrift Glass designer & developer for next generation 3D glass lacquers is looking for cooperation
Anzeige vom 18.04.2020
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Derzeitige Position

Beruf Developer of light-conducting 3D lacquers and additional designs
Branche Kunstglas
im Bereich Development of new technologies for light-active, optical lacquer coatings on glass / mirrors or on
in dieser Position seit 2004
Teamverantwortung Additional experience in curating events for art and design. Management of a large non-profit art institution in Cologne / Germany.
geführte Teamgröße Team experience available.
Erfahrung im Ausland International experience none.
Sprachkenntnisse German, English, French

Gewünschte Position

Position Development of new product lines in glass design - development of a design- and art oriented market profile, training of the responsible personnel.
im Bereich Co-development of new light-conducting 3D glass lacquers (metal + glass combined), development of new glass and mirror designs with silver graphics.
Gehaltswunsch License- or fee agreement, or on a salary basis.
Arbeitszeit Freie Mitarbeit
Land / Region Mainly Germany, Austria, Switzerland or EU countries. Others on request.
Verfügbarkeit ? (auch im Ausland ) On demand.
Frühester Eintrittstermin From now on.


Studied glass painting and painting at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne with exams as best of the year in 1982. Postgraduate studies until 1986. Development of exposure processes for the silver layer of glass in the reprographic laboratories of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne in 1993. 

In 2004 - 2008 promotion and cooperation project with Bayer Material Science and Evonic Degussa on the development of light-conducting 3D coating systems for highly reflective precious metals and gold. Further development to glass and design coatings with three-dimensional and directional reflection. 

In 2008 first cooperation agreement with the basic research centre in Germany for the purpose of promoting SME / EU research projects in the development of modern glass and design coatings with three-dimensional and directional reflection. Agreement renewed in 09 / 2018, and now updated according to the current ZIM guidelines 04 / 2020.  A cooperation with other institutes or companies is also possible. Or a direct order can also be placed with


Cooperation offer for glass companies that want to build up a design department with several product lines, and which are more than state of the art. SME / EU-SME support with certificate. However, it is important that the company considers the processing of metals (including silver) on glass and paint.

Film  Password is Lichtleitender3-DLack

Brief description:ür-ökonoomie-6-kunst/ or enter Toussaint, Bruno above in the search mask, if not open.

The cooperation offer is of interest to glass companies that want to enter the market with completely new product lines in the field of conventional and upmarket interior design / global architecture. The offer is only valid once and is also publicly funded.

For this purpose I am looking for a cooperation partner for industrial development, who wants to enter the market with a complete value chain of color mirrors - from color stained mirrors, to graphic/photo mirrors, or large dagereotypes with s / w silver pixels - vice versa glasses with silver graphics and laminated glasses with highly reflective aluminum with silver, or wood veneer and marble foil, etc.

An SME / EU certificate of a well-known East German basic research centre with free consultation + application exists for this. In cooperation with SME / EU partners, subsidies will be granted according to the new ZIM guidelines of 04 / 2020.

All these new techniques and products, as well as new paint / varnish products, would be widely used in upmarket interior design / architecture, in marine design, in urban design for stations, airports, shopping malls, foyers, to reflectors and elements of room lighting, also for conventional designs such as decorative mirrors, glass tables, kitchen cabinets, bathroom equipment, showers.

The use of optical laser technologies opens up even more options, as optical micro-laser engraving in particular can initiate a spectral splitting of light on silver, gold and copper layers of glass - cooperation partners:  Also use of large distant holography in laminated glass is possible.

Companies who can imagine such a value creation on the basis of distinct material and colour reflection (same colouring & reflection of all trades) as "high-reflexion-surfaces" in the entire interior architecture / global architecture, design & art, etc., please contact the Berlin based Developer Bruno Toussaint.

Spezielle Kenntnisse / Erfahrungen

With the help of my design know how the company can later offer the following product lines: 

● 3-D color mirror, flat/also curved, also as laminated safety glass - with a photo-exposed silver raster in float glass, whereby gold leaf, crystals, holography and more can also be incorporated.

● 3-D elements/room dividers with high translucency in float glass - additionally with exposed silver raster in glass, with reflecting Swarovski-crystals, holographic pigments and other reflective elements.

● 3-D laminated glass with aluminium on the back as an optical hybrid with silver as a reflective element - additionally with graphic electroplating, with reflecting Swarovski-crystals, gold and much more. 

● 3-D laminated glass with thin marble/granite foils on the back - is transmitted by means of directed reflection (e.g. with electric switching elements behind).

● 3-D large-format colored daguerreotypes - photo in glass with metallic light-dark-silver pixels. 

● 3-D art- and design reflectors or as light control/lighting modules/colored reflectors (e.g. illuminated by heliostats) for staircases, buildings, hotels, underground railways.

●  All types of furniture and semi-finished products and surfaces in combination with glass or patinated or stained mirrors with silver graphics, with 3-D glass lacquer on chrome, wood / MDF and much more. 

●  In the future, with an industrial further development: all kinds of reflecting pictures with photo-realistic 3-D image. For this purpose, the old pixel printing techniques must be replaced with photographic noble-printing techniques (as Epson photo papers) which are more optically compatible with glass..

With the implementation of the offer, a new branch of industry would emerge within the glass and design-oriented user industry, which would rather establish itself via partners from two companies - for example as a complete design provider from paint and glass companies.