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Having more than 150 years of industrial experience, Morgan Advanced Materials offers a broad range of technical and refractory ceramics under its Haldenwanger trade name.

The Haldenwanger Business Unit as part of the Morgan Advanced Materials group operates globally from their own three production and trading sites, which are located in Germany, the US, and China.

Haldenwanger employs some 450 ceramic experts in their global development, production, sales and logistics departments. So wherever you are, we make sure that you get the best service out of the site nearest to you.

The majority of the 15 different materials that we all produce on-site is specially designed to be used at temperatures of above 300°C (and up to even 1,800°C). In our portfolio, we have a whole range of conventional and novel oxide ceramics as well as our renowned SiC product group.

In the glass industry, Haldenwanger has been known for many decades. We have been supplying not only a number of products into various glass melting applications, such as thermocouple protection tubes, but also fused silica rollers into glass annealing and glass tempering machines. In addition, we have delivered special high temperature and wear resistant key parts for use in container glass machines.

Haldenwanger has partnered with some of the finest glass tempering machine builders for many years. At the same time we are your number one partner in the re-work and spare part business for fused silica rollers.

If you are uncertain which material would serve your requirements best or which service to retrieve from us, do not hesitate to get in touch with a Haldenwanger technical sales representative or a ceramics engineer to identify the best solution. To this end, we have our global sales team available as well as some 20 specialists in our R&D facility in Germany.

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