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Current view on the segment: Glass products have a great market meanwhile. First, Corona with high need in Pharma packaging, higher requirements by customers to environmental friendly and recyclable glass packaging and finally the war in Ukraine, that has partially cut the delivery chain from Eastern Europe. The constuction industry calls for flat glass but especially the photovoltaic modules segment sees a considerable growth due to political incentives and drastic raise in energy cost. These and increase in raw material cost complicate the situation that will probably end up in higher prices.

In order to take the right decisions at a very early stage, online research and market information are an essential part to the jigsaw and that´s where glassglobal supports you professionally.

Our international market studies in combination with as online access see a very positive feedback and are sucessfully used by numerous customers. Please have as follows a link to already available studies on the topic of glass:

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Electrical Designer EPlan (m/f/d)
Programmer PLC and Commissioning Engineer (m/f/d).
Programmierer SPS und Inbetriebnehmer (m/w/d)
Bauingenieur (m/w/d)
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