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China Glass 2014 to be staged in Shanghai

, The Chinese Ceramic Society

The 25th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2014) will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 14-17 April. The preparation work is now progressing smoothly and the overall situation is upbeat. This year’s glass exhibition is still among large-sized events in terms of either the number of exhibitors or the displaying area. It attracts active participation of leading glass companies in the world. The total exhibition area of this exhibition reaches 80,000 square metres, and as of the end of 2013 all booths have been sold out.

1 Leading Glass Companies Showing up
Thanks to the good reputation and extensive international influence of China Glass, worldwide glass enterprises are enthusiastic for China Glass 2014. At present about 800 companies have decided to attend the show, including 620 Chinese companies and nearly 180 international exhibitors from 27 countries. Not only word-famous companies, including transnational groups, but also a flock of small- and medium-sized emerging professional glass enterprise will show up. At this year’s fair, there are numerous newcomers, including 20 foreign companies coming from the US, Germany, France, the UK, Czech, Malaysia and Estonia. Many of them were actually visitors before, but are transforming to exhibitors because of the brand effect and good feedback of China Glass.

International companies are showing great interests to China Glass and some of them rented even larger booths compared to previous events. This is very delightful as the global economy is being recovered still slowly for the time being. International exhibition groups from Germany, Italy and the US are as energetic as before to prepare for participation. The Italian pavilion has 24 companies and exhibition area of over 1200 square metres; twenty companies joined the American pavilion, renting booths of 400 square metres in total; the German exhibition group is supported by its government departments and has a booth area of 600 square metres, allocated to more than 30 companies.
Many returned Chinese companies required to expand their booths. Luoyang Mingte, Liaoning Lewei, Shunde Golive, Landglass, Zhejiang Topglass have about 600 square meters each, and Luoyang North Glass even expanded its booth from 600 square metres up to 800 square metres. More than 20 companies have booths larger than 300 square metres, including Jinjing Group, TENON, Suntech Machinery, Guangdong IVACO, Jinan DECA, and Guangdong Fushan.

In the current depression economic situation, this result is hard-earned. This is a fruit of joint efforts of all exhibitors, as well as the organizers. We are confident that China Glass 2014 will present a high-rank international gathering to worldwide glass communities.

2 Diversified Novel Exhibits to Be Displayed
This grand glass exposition represents the highest and contemporaneous level of the world, involving the entire spectrum of glass production and processing technologies. Besides traditional glass-processing techniques, machines and glass products, new highlights include a great variety of special glass products, glass-processing machines, especially those closely related to low-carbon economy, energy efficiency, emission reduction, new energy and green materials.

With rapid progress of urbanisation and continuous increase of energy consumption in buildings, research and development of green energy-saving products has become an important component of the present low-carbon life and also the major business of glass enterprises. The Glaston Group developed tempering, hot-bending and laminated glass production lines and processing techniques for Low-E and ultra-low-E glass. Lisec and Bystronic will display their insulating glass production line. CNUD and Five Stain will show their float glass furnace and annealing lehr technology. We will see at the exhibition the float glass production line and the production line for films of photovoltaic solar cells developed by Grenzebach. French Saint-Gobian produced ultra-three silver Low-E coated glass, Glassrobots focuses on super-sized glass tempering machines and demanding windscreen bending technology, and TOLEDO’s technologies of oxy-fuel firing furnaces, electronic melting furnaces, electronic boosting system are also interested to the visitors.
China Triumph broke the foreign monopoly and developed off-line Low-E glass production line. All its performance indexes attained the highest level within China. Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington will showcase their advanced products and technologies for on-line and off-line low-E coated glass, various energy-saving glass, TCO glass for thin film solar cells, and high-end automotive glass. Their ultra-energy-saving insulating glass has a heat transfer coefficient much lower than that of two-silver and three-silver Low-E glass. Luoyang Mingte possesses forced convection heating technology and new-generation production lines of tempering furnaces and laminated glass. Shabo Glass Group has made efforts to face issues of energy saving and low carbon, and produced photovoltaic and special glass products. Luoyang Landglass is among the leading companies for its high-end forced convection tempering equipment, which won a golden prize in China.

Intensification of processing and large-scaling of equipment are the focuses of attention in the development of flat glass production in recent years. Various large-scale, integrated and automatic glass-processing machines, such as automatic cutting line, special-shaped rapid four-edge grinding machine, intelligent rapid four-edge grinding machine, large-sized autoclave, as well as special glass and ceramics are attractive. Corning China will attend China Glass for the first time and will exhibit special glass and ceramic materials such as machinable glass ceramic, high purity fused silica and zero expansion glass. Glassrobots will showcase their super-sized glass tempering machines and demanding windscreen bending technology. Benteler offers effective solutions for the precise and economical fabrication of glass for a wide range of applications, and will present their new technologies. Guangdong IVACO specialises in high-end intensive glass-processing machinery, which is in eight series, including numerical-control edging machine, vertical intelligent four-edge grinding machine, as well as photovoltaic glass production line. As the only large sealant producer in western China, Chengdu Guibao has been oriented towards market demand and has developed high-quality silicone sealants for many different applications. Besides, participation of many Chinese influential flat glass companies, including Taiwan Glass Group, South China Glass, China Aviation Sanxin and Jinjing Group, will considerably raise the grade of this glass fair.

3 Activities Accompanied with the Glass Show
As an international exchange stage of worldwide glass circles, China Glass 2014 will arrange a number of associated technical seminars and academic activities before or during the exhibition. The International Symposium on Advanced Glass Melting Technology, organized by the Chinese Ceramic Society, Shanghai Ceramic Society, China National Association for Glass Industry and Donghua University, will be given on 11-13 April, which takes energy efficiency, low carbon and new technology for recycling material as the theme and have discussion on such topics as melting and oxy-fuel combustion technologies. As an independent expert forum for the world’s glass industry, GPD China 2014 is held on 12 April. The conference addresses energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings with a focus on intelligent glazing and energy management. During China Glass 2014, the Chinese Ceramic Society and the American Ceramic Society will have bilateral working talks regarding their friendly co-operation. Additionally. Besides, news briefings and workshops will be organised by exhibitors or other glass enterprises for promoting their brands, products and research results.

4 Relevant Media Promoting the Glass Show
China Glass has maintained long-term good co-operation with glass-related news media worldwide. Major foreign websites and magazines and leading Chinese media have released reports and photos to promote the China Glass exhibition. They are mentioned as Italian Artenergy Publishing Srl and its magazines Glass-Technology International and Glass Machinery Plants & Accessories, GlassOnWeb website; German website OGIS, DGG Journal, m+a Data Bank; Glass Worldwide, Glass, Glass International and Asian Glass of the UK; USGlass, Indian Glass Bulletin, Egyptian Middle East Glass Magazine, Nile Trade Fairs and Spanish Revista Del Vidrio; and Chinese glass magazines including China Building Materials, Building Doors Windows Curtain Walls & Equipment, Doors Windows Curtain Walls & Equipment, China Building Materials, China Building Materials Daily, Architectural Glass and Functional Glass, Doors Windows Curtain Walls, Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, International Glass Manufacturing, Glass in China, Glass Industry, and Qinhuangdao-based Glass.

, The Chinese Ceramic Society

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