Vision, ambition, courage, hard work and a will to succeed are what define the MSK Covertech Group

The key to the success of the MSK Covertech Group headquartered in Kleve, Germany can be found in an entrepreneur, who, from the very beginning, applied his courageous vision, relentless hard work and will to succeed, to build a company group with the support of his teams. In May this year, the visionary Reiner Hannen celebrated his 75th birthday. "My most important decisions were always what I chose not to do." With this philosophy and the numerous decisions made, Reiner Hannen, his wife Christina and the Team developed MSK’s products, and thus the MSK Group, with highest standards, making them what they are today: simply world class.

Founded in 1975, the MSK success story began with the first hand-held shrinking device, the MSK Rapid I, for wrapping pallets manually with shrink film. At the Interpack 1978, Reiner Hannen presented the first semi-automatic MSK hooding machine (MSK 300), which was patented the same year. One of the first customers was Heye, who operated two glass plants in Germany at the time. Already one year later the first automated film machine was developed: the MSK Paratech. First deliveries of the MSK Paratech went to the customers Oberland Glass and BSN. To date, more than 1.000 MSK Paratech have been manufactured.

In the 1990s, MSK included the palletizer in the product portfolio, which was installed for the first time at Heye and Quinn Glass. In 2011, with the development of its own bottle conveyor technology MSK became one of the leading suppliers of complete cold end for container glass, starting from the lehr.

With the technical development of the machines, demand increased on the necessary software. In the early 1990s, as no satisfactory solution could be found on the market, Reiner Hannen once again set new standards: the development of easy-to-use machine controls in the form of the company's own MSK EMSY software (Electronic Management System). This visualization system simplifies the control of complex palletizing and packaging systems. It offers controlling through a graphical user interface, records operational data, visualizes processes, simplifies troubleshooting, offers options for internal information networks, and much more. Today, 80% of all new MSK machines include the MSK EMSY software.

At glasstec 2018 in Düsseldorf, MSK will launch MSK EMSY 6.0, its sixth generation, and the new data management software MSK EMSYanalytics. With the MSK EMSY analytics a new level of transparency in the efficiency of the cold end is achievable. In line with Industry 4.0, it allows for the centralized controlling of the entire cold end, based on real-time data it collects from all machines connected to the MSK EMSY analytics. Using this information, the software then offers options for increasing efficiency of the cold end.

The founding of subsidiaries abroad marked the beginning of MSK's internationalization: 1980 in the United Kingdom, 1984 in France, 1987 in the USA, 1994 in Hungary, 1998 in Malaysia, and 2000 in China. Today, with its five locations in Germany, Hungary, France, USA and China, the family-run MSK Covertech Group has established itself as a globally leading supplier to the cold end of glass factories. Furthermore, MSK is a leading international manufacturer for packaging systems and material handling technology for pallet load units and large containers. The Group supplies solutions for a wide range of industries, such as, beverages, chemicals, construction materials, household appliances, printing-paper and container glass. In 2016 a new production plant was built in Acworth, USA. Overall, the company group has more than 500 employees and achieves a group turnover of almost 100 million euros.

MSK has registered many patents; numerous of which have influenced the very direction of the industry, for example the MSK Undershrink system. Until today MSK is one of the leading suppliers for the cold end of glass production and, as yet, the only supplier that develops and produces all its equipment and software inhouse. Especially, when it comes to difficult projects customers trust in the experience of MSK.

To date more than 1.000 installations in the Glass industry have been successfully realized. Represented on the global market, MSK supplies long-standing customers in the Glass industry such as Ardagh Glass, BA Glass, OI, Vetropack, Vidrala, Wiegand and many more. MSK is especially proud of the fact that 80% of turnover comes through recurring collaborations with long-standing customers, which demonstrates just how high customer satisfaction is. But also, for newcomers in the glass production MSK offers a “Carefree package”. In 2018, for example, MSK delivered a complete cold end including operating system and assembly from one source to the glass production newcomer Bastürk Cam. The cold end includes the connection of the lehr with three bottle conveying lines and has already been designed for extension by an additional furnace.

MSK is an independent, family-run business. Today the company group is run by Christina Hannen, Managing shareholder, and daughter Linda Hannen, Majority shareholder. “With the MSK EMSY analytics and MSK EMSY 6.0 we have developed a solid basis for Industry 4.0. For the future, we will carry forward and expand our strengths and traditions, continuing to create cutting edge technology.” – Linda Hannen. International teams in the MSK Group are working together on numerous projects to achieve this goal.


16.10.2018, MSK Covertech group

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